PUBG PC Release Date Announced, Leaving Early Access Before Year’s End

If you stuck around to the very end of the PUBG The Game Awards 2017 desert map gameplay trailer, you may have spotted two important dates. The first was December 12, which is the date that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is to launch on Xbox One Game Preview. The second was December 20, which is the date that PUBG on PC will exit early access and launch with update 1.0.

In my excitement of finally seeing PUBG desert map gameplay, I may have initially missed this piece of crucial information… But hey, I see it now, and I’ve made an entirely new post for it!

So again, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground will be officially launching on PC on December 20. Stay tuned for the finalized list of new features and improvements that will be included at launch.

If you don’t feel like waiting around for a stable update, head on over to the game’s Test Server to try out some of the changes coming in update 1.0, as well as the new Miramar map.

In other PUBG news, Brendan Greene has confirmed that the Xbox One versions of the game will run at 30fps at launch, two mobile games have been announced with trailers, and this plane tracker app lets players get an early advantage.

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