Quake Champions Update Tweaks Netcode, Fixes Gameplay Issues & More

Bethesda is rolling out an update for Quake Champions, which focuses on fixing many issues, including: enemy death markers which would linger on the death screen, warm-up spikes causing issues with “jittering” champions, and much more.

Find the full list of patch notes below:

Netcode’ / Performance

  • Fix for random miss-hits for players that have a big difference in fps
  • Further bandwidth optimization – reduced client upload data
  • Fixed spikes on warmup that caused champions jittering (this is something we strive to improve atm)


  • Adjusted DOOM Slayer & B.J. Blazkowicz’s hitboxes so they should take damage on shots fired between their legs
  • Fixed issue when correct ping was showed only to current player
  • Fixed issue when B.J. Blazkowicz’s guns could misfire while in active ability
  • Fixed issue when Clutch shield not blocking properly
  • Fixed issue when enemy’s markers persisted on the death screen
  • Fixed issue with tutorial videos not playing
  • Fixed issue when the power-up effects would appear in the level away from the power-up spawn location


  • ‘Terror-Billy’ skin clipping issues improved

In addition to this update, a double XP Weekend will now run until November 13.

What do you think of update? Are you looking forward to the improved performance? Let us know.

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Source: Bethesda

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