Rainbow Six Siege Bonus Renown Event Starts Tomorrow

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With Rainbow Six Siege suffering a server outage this past week, Ubisoft is making up for it by offering a Rainbow Six Siege bonus renown event starting tomorrow.

Here’s the full announcement and schedule:

Due to outages this past week there will be a bonus renown event for all platforms.

⚡25% Bonus Renown
Platforms: ALL
▶ Start: SunJuly 19th @ 3 PM EDT
⏹ End: Mon July 20th @ 9 AM EDT

Players also got a patch last month,and the most recent one is the Y5S2.1 (Year 5 Season 2) changes. Given PC platforms have gotten the Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.2 patch this week, we’re expecting them to be available for consoles next week.

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