Rainbow Six Siege Is Testing “Report Toxic Behavior” Option

The first-person shooter genre is full of intense multiplayer titles that can cause stress and frustration. When a player is on the losing side, or they aren’t performing their best, it’s easy for tempers to be lost. A bad temper can lead to toxic behavior, affecting the enjoyment of others.

To help encourage more “GGs” and positivity from Rainbow Six Siege players, Ubisoft is testing a new report player option on the Technical Test Server. Players will now find a “Report for Toxic Behavior” option located below “Vote to Kick”.

As seen above, Ubisoft’s Justin Kruger has assured players that “no one will get trolled into a ban.”

Take a look at the Rainbow Six Siege Code of Conduct for the full details on what counts as “toxic behavior”.

Are you happy to see this being tested? Hoping it comes to the live servers? Let us know.

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Source: @UbiJustin via PC Gamer

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