Red Dead Redemption 2 Corrupt Save File Bug Fix

red dead 2 corrupt save file fix

With a game as massive as Red Dead Redemption 2 is, there’s bound to be a bug or two that manages to escape the quality assurance team from Rocktar Games. Unfortunately, one big glitch the game seems to be suffering from is the Red Dead 2 corrupt save file bug, that if it hit some people, they will assume that they’ll have to restart whatever progress they had in the game, which is a bummer.

One of the Red Dead 2 corrupt save file bugs that have been going around is described as the game stuck in the picture montage where you would see the revolver icon spinning and showing a percentage completion for loading at the bottom right of the screen. While this usually loads into the actual game, some people have experienced a scenario wherein the revolver icon wouldn’t stop rotating and the percentage number would disappear. This would create an infinite loop, which most people would assume mean that their save file is corrupted. If this has happened or is happening to you. DO NOT DELETE your save file just yet! There’s a Red Dead 2 corrupt save file bug fix and it’s not that hard to do.

It seems that even if we can only see the loading screen with the revolver icon and it won’t load, the game itself has actually loaded, though you can’t see what’s happening! The actual bug was that the picture montage was overlapping the actual game. How to fix this? Thanks to Reddit user MingRingSting we now know how!

So after trying it 100 times and furiously button bashing in the picture montage screen I realised that the game was actually in play, but the bug was that the picture montage was overlaying over the game. If you pressed ‘start’ you would have the navigation icons bottom right of the screen as if you were in the main menu, however you could not see the menu, all you could see was this picture montage and the music but little icons bottom right were saying “select, back”

So I asked a buddy to help me through the main menu as I was blind going through it and didn’t know what to press.

So to solve this bug what you want to do is navigate through the menu blind and restart the last mission you were on. Even though the picture montage/loading screen is on you can still click through the menu as if it was active. So to save everyone the hassle. To restart the last mission what you want to be clicking is –

Options (start)

Down (d-pad)

Down (d-pad)



Right (d-pad) (click it a good few times to reach the chapter you are on, best to over click to guarantee you are on the furthest chapter)


Up (d-pad)



Whilst you’re clicking all of this, it will be still in the picture montage with the loading screen music but if done correctly then you’ll restart the last mission and jerk the game back into place.

What you want to do then is delete these save files as they’re corrupt and save new ones.

(Side note, when you restart mission you will have a stock horse and basic weapons, you haven’t lost all your stuff, it’s just a default equipment layout of the mission)

Hopefully, if you’re one of the many people affected, this method works and you won’t have to lose any progress made. If you know someone affected by this, make sure to direct them to this fix since it would mean dozens of hours of game time not flushed down the drain.

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