Red Dead Redemption 2 Japanese Version Comparison Has a Few Key Changes, and Here They Are

red dead redemption 2 japanese version

It’s no secret that when games get released, there are sometimes different versions of the game to appease a certain country’s censorship regulatory board, or just to be more sensitive to the cultural differences. And with how violent and crass Rockstar Games made Red Dead Redemption 2 to be, it’s no surprise that the Red Dead Redemption 2 Japanese version has a few key differences with the version of the game released out west.

While you can watch the entire Red Dead Redemption 2 Japan version comparison in the almost four-minute video below. you can also check out the condensed and written form of the video as well! Note that there are some parts that might be considered spoiler-ish to some, we’ve made sure to not spoil anything too much, but if you don’t even like to know the title of missions, then best to look away.

CERO rating

In the Japanese version, a lot of the super gory details have been taken out such as:

You can dismember people in the western version of Red Dead 2 but in the Japanese version, body parts explode and vanish.

  • In the Japanese version, textures no longer shows bones, internal organs and other bloody details
  • The “American Dreams” mission, bodies aren’t dismembered when they’re left hanging. The clues that are hidden in body parts left by the assailant, the body parts aren’t dismembered, internal organs aren’t shown. However corpse’s heads still contain “stuff,” and are shown even if the bodies also have heads attached to ’em (in the Japanese version).
  • Explicit nudity is taken out. There’s a mission in chapter 2 wherein you’ll walk on someone doing the deed with a woman. In the western version, we get to see the breasts, while in the Japanese version, the woman is shown with clothes on.
  • In another super-early mission in chapter, it’s shown that Dutch, Arthur & Co. take down a man’s trousers while he’s tied up to do something unpleasant with his man bits; in the Japanese version, the trousers stay on even if the animation shows the gang pulling it down.

Not that many changes, thankfully! Are you surprised with the changes or were you expecting it? Let us know down in the comments.

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