Remastered Gears Of War Coming To Xbox One, Sources Say [Updated]

Gears of War

Update 2

Selected users have reported to Kotaku that they are currently playing a test build of the remastered Gears of War game on Xbox One. According to sources, the build is multiplayer-only and contains modes like Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, 1 Life 1V1 Shotgun TDM, 1V1 Sudden Death Gnashers Only, 4V4 TDM Single Round, and 4V4 KOTH Single Round.


Update 1

An additional source has told Polygon that Brink and Dirty Bomb developer Splash Damage is in charge of of the remastered Gears of War game for Xbox One, not Black Tusk Studios. Earlier, the studio posted job listings looking for help with a “very well known and highly popular AAA title with next gen technology.”

Original Story

A remastered version of the original Gears of War for Xbox One is said to be in development at Black Tusk Studios, according to sources.

An insider told Polygon that the updated re-release will boast improved visuals and reworked cutscenes, courtesy of animation studio Plastic Wax.

We suggested two weeks ago that Microsoft was seemingly hyping up a potential Gears of War-related announcement with the release of a throwback video of Gears of War 3’s midnight launch.

“The thing that was great about the early Gears of War games, to me, was just the epic scale of the settings that I was in,” Xbox’s Phil Spencer told Polygon last year. “The story, the setting was a lot more what I would call soulful and maybe even a little dark. I think the game over time became almost more of a parody of itself; not for any kind of horrible reasons. It’s hard to continue to manage the IP.”

Epic Games handed the franchise, which will turn ten years old next year, over to Vancouver-based studio Black Tusk last year, who’s been working on an unannounced Gears of War project ever since.

We’ll keep you updated with any official announcements or additional news we catch on Black Tusk’s Gears of War project.

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