Report: Activision Considering Call of Duty 2019 F2P Component

call of duty 2019 f2p

With yesterday’s report dropping a bombshell that Treyarch will purportedly once again be on the developer’s driver sat for Call of Duty 2020, one nugget of info that was also mentioned was how Activision was allegedly considering a free-to-play (f2p) component for the still-unnamed Call of Duty 2019 (which we all know now is another entry in the Modern Warfare saga),

In the report, it mentions how some Activision execs have started to discuss embracing the now-lucrative f2p model, with reportedly three sources confirming that the publisher is looking into a Call of Duty 2019 f2p component, though specifics — or whether this will be in the game come launch — have not been finalized yet. Furthermore, it mentions how some within Activision have remained “resistant” to the idea as well.

Could this Call of Duty 2019 f2p component be the “game-changing” experience mentioned by Activision in its earnings call? Or maybe it’s Infinity Ward’s take on battle royale that will be free-to-play to rope players in? Your guess is as good as mine, but this certainly does put a new spin of intrigue into this year’s Call of Duty.

Speaking of Call of Duty that’s free-to-play, go read up on everything about Call of Duty Mobile (yes, it’s f2p) right here.

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