Report: First PS5 Info Surfaces

PS4 9.00 Beta

While there’s still a lot of gaming to be had with the console generation we’re in now, there’s no denying that the PlayStation 5, and whatever Microsoft calls the next Xbox is swiftly creeping up. Just last month, word got out that devkits are being sent out to developers so they can start creating PS5 titles.

Now, in a new report by SemiAccurate, the site has published what it calls PS5 info! Note that the site requires a $1,000 subscription, but thanks to ResetEra users, we have a quick summary of the info below.

Quick Summary of Playstation 5 article:

-Uses AMD’s Navi as its base architecture, not specifically using Navi.
-CPU is custom Zen
-Large amount of devkits have apparently gone out.
-Author suggests 2018 release of PS5 is not out of the question based on the amount of devkits released as this is a “sure sign that the launch is getting close”. Not definitive.
-VR “goodies” baked in at the silicon level. (My Opinion, not authors: Sony not giving up on PSVR any time soon. VR support inside the PS5 right out of the box)

Some more stuff in there, but doesn’t really discuss power of the system.

Why should we believe a website that calls itself “semiaccurate?” Well, for one thing, it did get the n news that Nintendo was partnering with NVIDIA with the Switch, and it got the correct PS4 tech specs way back in 2012, so the site’s track record has been reliable at the very least.

That said, I really, really doubt it’ll be released in 2018. Heck, I’d be surprised if it was revealed this year. If I had to wager a guess, the PS5 would be announced next year, with an official release in 2020.

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