Report: Halo Infinite Armor to Include Snowman & Other Goofy Variants; Map Images Leak Out

halo infinite armor

It looks like more Halo Infinite data has seeped out of the Technical Test for the game, as Halo Infinite armor and map images have leaked! Based on the leaked images, it seems Halo Infinite is joining the multiplayer games with outrageous looking armor sets!

The leaked images, which were shared by Instagram account craig_of_the_banished (via PeeingSpartan), showcases helmets for a snowman, samurai warrior, one with horns and more!

In addition to that, a bunch of Halo Infinite multiplayer map images have surfaced too! Originally shared by Twitter user @LeakyHalo, the images have since been pulled by Microsoft. Thankfully, we downloaded them, which you can check out below.

Same as with any other leak or datamined info, treat these ones with a grain of salt. There’s no guarantee that we’ll see all — or any of these — in the final game, though chances are very high. As for the armors looking not-so-serious compared to past Halo games, don’t forget, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free-to-play, and will emply a Battle Pass. As titles like Call of Duty has proven, people seem to like these far-out and wacky armor designs, so you can’t blame 343 Industries for going that route too.

In other Halo Infinite leaks, an audio clip has surfaced pointing to the game having a battle royale mode.

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2 years ago

I can’t believe this shit site is still going. Did you ever stop to consider that it might be a seasonal helmet? SMH.

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