Report: Halo Infinite Battle Royale Audio Clip Discovered in Datamine

Halo Infinite Beta Build Blue Screen

With the Halo Infinite Technical Preview still on-going, it seems people are checking it out for more than what the multiplayer plays like. Dataminers have dug through Technical Preview file, and a Halo Infinite battle royale audio clip has been uncovered!

Here’s the voice clip where the announces says, “battle royale!” That’s about it. There are no images or whatnot tied to it — at least so far. Mind, this doesn’t guarantee that there will be a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite, as this could be leftover code or something for Forge, but it is interesting that it’s there. With Halo Infinite’s multiplayer confirmed to be free-to-play, adding a battle royale mode might be a smart move by 343 Industries.

More reports have surfaced for Halo Infinite outside of this as well. Apparently, we’ll see multiple campaigns, and even the title of Season 1 has surfaced! As for news that’s been confirmed, players will be able to drop weapons in multiplayer (a first in franchise history), and the game will feature an FOV slider on all versions!

Source: ResetEra

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2 years ago

343i and Xbox lying through their teeth again? I never.

Because so much has happened in the gaming world involving Halo in the the past year and a half, that it is suddenly relevant now lol?

Yeah, its quite obvious you simply want to see if you can join the new SUCCESSFUL BR contenders since and see if it sticks. If it doesn’t, just drop all support for it hard and fast like the failure by Ninja Theory called Bleeding Edge.

But to pretend that you were better then others and not interested in Battle Royale, don’t worry about it guys, all the blind Xbots have already forgotten your and THEIR OWN stance on you not doing it.

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