Report: Here’s the Marvel’s Avengers New Heroes Order of Release

Marvel's Avengers New Heroes

While Marvel’s Avengers fans already know that Hawkeye is set to be part of the roster next month, it looks like the order of heroes yet to be released has made its way out too. PlayStation gamers looking forward to playing as Spider-Man in the game, it looks like you’ll be playing as the wallcrawler soon.

Reliable Marvel’s Avengers dataminer Miller has posted an order of the Marvel’s Avengers new heroes’ order of release, and after Clint Barton (Hawkeye) next month, they are now saying it’ll be Spidey’s turn!

Few points of interests before confirming this 100 percent, this is all based from datamined info and whatnot, so nothing has been confirmed by Square Enix or Crystal Dynamics. Also, Miller states that they are 90 percent sure of the order:

If this is the case, then Spider-Man should be revealed soon, as Sony has promised an “early 2021” release for the character, which is once again, a PlayStation exclusive. Then again, the schedule for content for the game has gone out the window, so that early 2021 date could very well have been pushed back. As for Black Panther, Crystal Dynamics has already confirmed that they pulled back the reveal for the character due to Chadwick Boseman’s untimely death last year, which meant the character was supposed to have been revealed already.

If you want to see what Black Panther and War Machine looks like in-game, head on over here.

Operation Future Imperfect, whiich will feature Hawkeye, will be out on March 18 on all platforms. You can watch five minutes of gameplay showcasing Hawkeye right here.

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