Report: PS5 Slim Case Alleged Video Surfaces

ps5 slim video

Earlier today, images of what were purported to be of the unannounced PS5 Slim console surfaced, which was said to have come from China.

Well, it seems things have escalated a bit, as now, a video showing off the PS5 Slim case has surfaced as well!

No official word from Sony yet, but based on the images and the video, the PS5 Slim has the same thickness, and is not really a slim but looks more like a refreshed version of the original, though with a black slit added to the cover and two USB Type-C ports on the front (something the original sorely needs).

Bear in mind, nothing has been announced by Sony, so this could be a fake console cover or something else. That said, Sony developing a PS5 slim version is something that isn’t only plausible, but something we’re expecting given the success of the PS4 Pro.

If this is indeed the size of the PS5 Slim, it’s nothing to write home about. Of course, I’ll reserve judgment if and when we finally see the thing from official sources.

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