Report: PS5 Storage Upgrade Feature Planned to Hit This Summer

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Ran out of disk space on your PS5? Yeah, chances are, you’re not the only one. With more and more games these days taking up a ton of disk space, PS5 owners are probably wondering when a PS5 storage upgrade solution will be made available.

If this latest rumor from Bloomberg (subscription require) is to be believed, it’s set for this summer! According to the report, support for additional harddrives will be enabled via a firmware update that will also unlock higher cooling fan speeds to ensure that the console won’t overheat.

A Sony spokesperson shared, “As previously announced, we are working to enable M.2 SSD storage expansion for PlayStation 5. The timing has not been announced and details will be shared later.”

While gamers might be in for a long wait before they can upgrade their PS5 storage, we are getting a lot of good games to ease the pain (or add to it depending on your HDD space). For starters, Sony announced next month’s PlayStation Plus offerings and it includes Final Fantasy 7 Remake for the PS4! There’s also Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade out later this year as well, which includes an exclusive episode just for Yuffie.

At the very least though, we won’t be stuck with Sony proprietary HDDs. After what happened to the PS Vita, surely Sony learned from its past mistakes (right??).

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