Report: PS5 Will Be Able to Track Trophy Progression

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Ever wonder how much more collectibles you need in order to unlock a specific PlayStation trophy? Well, seems like we’ll soon be able to know just that as a slip up has confirmed that there will be a Trophy progression tracking system on the PS5.

Spotted on the French PS Blog, a new post for the new Trophy update  (covered here) was posted, much like all the other PS Blog domains. However, one big piece of information different from the rest of the PS Blog posts and that was the confirmation of a PS5 trophy progression tracking system. 

“On PlayStation 5, you’ll be able to track your progress towards individual trophies for compatible PS5 games. For example, you’ll sometimes see how many artifacts you have to collect, or how many armor upgrades you need to get before unlocking the trophy”

This piece of information was soon quickly removed from the post upon readers pointing it out. Obviously a slip up by the French PlayStation Blog. This is certainly a welcome feature that will prove to be useful amongst trophy hunters. No more guessing how many out of 1000 more kills you need in order to get that trophy you always wanted. We expect to see plenty of other trophy related changes on the PS5, and hopefully we hear more about them and the PS5 UI sometimes this month.

If we do, we’ll be sure to keep you all posted!