Report: Sony to Unveil PlayStation Subscription Service “Spartacus” Next Week

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According to a new report, Sony will finally unveil its “Spartacus” PlayStation subscription service sometime next week. The rumored service has been making quite the waves for some time now, especially after it was also reported earlier that it will feature different tiers with varying degrees of offerings for players on the PlayStation platform.

From Jason Schreier and Takashi Mochizuki of Bloomberg, “Spartacus” is the codename for the service which will supposedly compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, which now has over 25 million subscribers. If Sony is looking to be competitive with Microsoft in this subscription wars, it has its work cut out for it. According to the report, the service will debut a number of “hit games from recent years,” although it’s up in the air which games meet that criteria.

What is known is that the service will apparently combine Sony’s two existing services: PlayStation Now, which allows players to play a number of titles via a streaming service, and PlayStation Plus, which offers a number of games and deals on a monthly basis. As noted in a previous report, the “Spartacus” service will offer three different tiers:

  • 1st tier – will offer existing PlayStation Plus benefits.
  • 2nd tier – will offer large catalog of PS4 and PS5 games, eventually.
  • 3rd tier – will offer extended demos, game streaming, and the old library of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games.

All of that said, it seems that Sony is unwilling to do one thing that Microsoft is willing to with its own subscription service, and that is to offer its biggest AAA title as a Day One launch for the service. According to the report, PlayStation gamers should not expect God of War Ragnarok to eventually appear within the service – at least right away. It will be interesting to see which titles will make the cut, and if Sony will give Microsoft a run for their money in terms of value in the heating subscription service war.

In case you missed it, a new update for PS4 was also released yesterday, and you can read the full patch notes of everything new here.

Source: Bloomberg

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