Report: The Division 2 Game Crashing Issue Reported If Two Players Are on the Same Network, Workaround Detailed

the division 2 game crashing

With The Division 2 now officially out worldwide (if you have the Gold and Ultimate editions), it seems some players have already ran into issues with game crashing. For those who play loot shooters like The Division 2 with a friend or loved one, and you’re on the same network, you might want to take notice.

Reddit user eternal702000 has posted that he has suffered The Division 2 game crashing issues whenever he and his wife are logging on to the game within the same network!

My wife and I are in Japan and are fine playing solo, but if I attempt to join her group, all of the enemies on her side don’t move and she can’t interact with them at all, but she still sees loot and objective updates. If she attempts to join me, same thing happen.

Basically whoever joins the other player’s instance takes over their instance and the host becomes a ghost with no interaction on their side.

One interesting thing, in Japan our external IP is the SAME from outside our network. But this wasn’t an issue during our beta. So some patch has destroyed MP. Haven’t tested with other players yet.

This isn’t an isolated case, either. as ShakeForProtein has encountered this same bug as well.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround for this! User¬†eternal702000 has found it and has posted how to do it!

 WORKAROUND! Join groups, game breaks, both players alt-F4 and reconnect. You will still be in a group. On this reconnect, games are synced properly. Leaving the group and rejoining again this time did NOT cause a break. I will test some more and check in. For others, please let me know if this also worked for you!

We’ve reached out to Ubisoft regarding this, and whether there’s an official fix recommended or coming, and will update the article if we hear back.

Have you encountered any issues with The Division 2? If so, share ’em in the comments below.

Stay tuned to MP1st’s review of The Division 2! We’re playing the game in real-world servers, and once we get enough game time with it, we’ll give it the score it deserves.

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