Report: Users Reporting Issues After Installing PS4 6.02 Firmware Update

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While Sony released a new PS4 firmware update just now to most likely plug the hole that was made by the PS4 message glitch, it seems not everything is A-OK with this the PS4 6.02 update.

Over on Reddit, multiple users have reported various issues with the update. Some have had their console crash, others have reported issues with the console’s sound, and others even had flickering issues.

“Router in use might not support IP packet fragmentation” after update from r/PS4

For the flickering issue, user Sykuze mentioned that there was an issue with the 2160p – RGB option, and it seems he had to choose the YUV420 setting.

If you’re experiencing any issues or errors related to the latest PS4 6.02 update, leave a comment below to let us know what, and if you manage to fix it.