Resident Evil 4 Microtransactions for Weapon Upgrade Tickets Surfaces Alongside Mercenaries DLC

Resident Evil 4 Microtransactions

While Capcom is pushing out The Mercenaries mode for free, it seems that the latest title update has also brought with it, our first dose of Resident Evil 4 microtransactions are here!

The listings has surfaced on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store for New Zealand, and it offers the Resident Evil 4 Weapon Exclusive Upgrade Ticket for sale for real world money. Players can buy a single ticket or discounted as a bundle.

There are multiple listings for it, with the description available below from the store:


To gun enthusiasts, knife collectors, and lovers of weapons of any and all kinds: here’s your ticket to the gun show! Specifically a ticket to be redeemed at the Merchant’s shop. With this, you’ll have access to a weapon’s exclusive upgrade at any time, regardless of the weapon’s level. Not only that, but once unlocked, the upgrade itself is free of charge! Note:

This item will be added to the Treasures menu and will be available across all of your saved data.

On the PlayStation Store, there’s a lot more ticket bundles for sale for some reason (image via mateusz11120):

For those unaware, the Weapon Exclusive Upgrade tickets lets players access a weapon’s exclusive trait even if it’s not fully maxed out yet. These perks offer more damage, faster firing rate, more ammo capacity and so on. Players can purchase the tickets in-game for 30 Spinels though it’s impossible to max out all weapons in just one run.

As far as microtransactions go, this isn’t the slimiest one out there. I mean, it’s a slog, but players can collect Spinels just by doing the in-game missions from the shopkeeper. However, if you’re not up to that, you can just opt to spend real-world money in order to unlock your preferred weapon’s perk.

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