Resident Evil Village Preload Live; Here Are the Sizes and How to Download

Resident Evil Village Preload Download

Good news for eager Resident Evil fans who pre-ordered Resident Evil Village, as the Resident Evil Village preload has begun rolling out on PlayStation and Xbox!

Down below you’ll find everything you need to know about the preload, including files sizes, how to download, and unlock times. 

Resident Evil Village Preload File Sizes:

PS4: 29GB (27Gb in Asia)

PS5: 27GB

Xbox One: 27GB

Xbox Series: 30GB 

Sizes rounded to the closest whole number.

Does Resident Evil Village Have a Day One Patch?

Yes, Resident Evil Village does have a day one patch as there is a 1.01 version now available to download. This will be included in the initial download, though if you bought physically it will be available to download once you launch the game. It’s unclear what this update does, or if Capcom has yet another one planned from now to launch. 

How to Download the Resident Evil Village Preload on PlayStation

If you preordered Resident Evil Village from the PlayStation store, all you need to do is go into your game library and the title should be available to download. Note, that preload times differ from regions to regions, with it live right now in eastern hemisphere (Europe, Asia, ect). The Western Hemisphere countries (North and South America) can expect the preload to go live at Midnight tonight Pacific time. 

How to Download the Resident Evil Village Preload on Xbox

For Xbox gamers you aren’t required to preorder in order to preload. Using the Xbox Game App, you can search for Resident Evil Village on the app and force download the game directly there, regardless of preorder status. This way the game is ready for you at launch should you decide to buy it then. Downloading it now and buying it on disc will save you time on installation at release.

When Resident Evil Village Unlock Time?

This varies from region to region, though the unlock times are all set at midnight

North America: May 7 12am EST – May 6 11PM CST – May 6 9PM PST

At the earlier, the digital versions of the game will be playable Thursday morning. This is assuming you live in the either North or South America and have the game preordered on an Asian or neighboring market. 

Stay tuned as our review of Resident Evil Village will be out soon-ish.

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