Resident Evil Village Runs at 4K 60fps on PS5 & XSX, 45fps With Ray Tracing On

Resident Evil 4K

Next-gen consoles owners will be happy to know that Capcom is targeting 4K 60fps (frames-per-second) on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, though ray tracing will be at 45fps rather than 30fps like in most games. 

In a new update to the official Resident Evil Village website, Capcom has listed a full (not including PC) breakdown of Resident Evil Village resolution and expected FPS. 

Resident Evil Village Resolution and Expected FPS

PlayStation®54K HDR/60 fps
(when Ray Tracing is turned on)
4K HDR/45 fps
PlayStation®4 PRO1080p/60 fps
PlayStation®4 PRO
(when set to high resolution)
4K HDR/30 fps
PlayStation®4900p/45 fps
Xbox Series X4K HDR/60 fps
Xbox Series X
(when Ray Tracing is turned on)
4K HDR/45 fps
Xbox Series S1440p HDR/45 fps
Xbox Series S
(when Ray Tracing is turned on)
1440p HDR/30 fps
Xbox One X1080p/60 fps
Xbox One X
(when set to high resolution)
4K HDR/30 fps
Xbox One900p/30 fps
Stadia1080p/60 fps or 4K/60 fps
Note: 4K is upscaled using dynamic resolution.

While  60fps does seem to be what most developers are going with as a standard with 4K resolution, the target framerate for ray tracing seems to be a rather odd one as Capcom is shooting for 45fps rather than 30fps. While no doubt games that support 4K ray tracing at 30fps could probably squeeze out more frames, the general thought is that sticking with 30 typically offers a smoother experience due to potential dips in say an uncapped option. 

However, if Capcom can promise a locked 45fps at 4K with ray tracing, then the overall experience should be a smooth one. Still, we are a bit hesitant, especially since the wording does say “expected,” meaning it’s likely to change. I suppose we will know shortly as the first day of the demo will be available this Saturday. 

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