Rumor: Battlefield 2021 Might Not See a Last-Gen (PS4, Xbox One) Release

Battlefield 2021

While DICE or EA has yet to formally announce the Battlefield game set to launch later this year, we do know that it’s set to be revealed soon. Even without any direct announcement, the rumor mill has been churning out stuff regarding the game, and the latest one mentions that Battlefield 2021 might not see a current-gen release.

Over on Twitter, reliable Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson (also known as LongSensation on YouTube), has tweeted that he has not heard anything “concrete” regarding Battlefield 2021’s launch on the PS4, and Xbox One.

In other news, I still have yet to hear anything concrete that #BATTLEFIELD will come to past gen consoles. Theory – It indicates to me that it probably won’t and the biggest reason #BATTLEFIELD will come to the Xbox Game Pass on day 1 is to boost up player numbers.

Bear in mind, this is a rumor until confirmed or refuted by DICE or EA. Having said that, it’s a bit hard to see EA not pushing the game on the PS4 and Xbox One given the two consoles’ player base. That’s a lot of money to be left off the table if that’s the case, and given how hard it is to get a PS5 and Xbox Series X, it might affect the player pool as well, which would make playing online a wee bit harder when it comes to matchmaking.

In other Battlefield 2021 rumors, another one surfaced last month claiming that game  will feature Call of Duty-like perks, which you can read about here.

Would ypu want Battlefield 6 or whatever it’s called, to only be playable on next-gen platforms so it’s not gimped by the PS4 and Xbox One’s limitations? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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