Rumor: Black Ops Cold War Mini Map Back to Normal, Dead Silence Will Be a Perk & More

black ops cold war mini map

While we’ve already posted multiplayer details regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War event before it was officially announced, it seems another round of info has surfaced! Apparently, the Black Ops Cold War mini map for multiplayer will once again show red dots, and what’s more, Dead Silence will once again be a perk!

Apparently, a multiplayer event took place, and some people have not been shy to talk about it. YouTuber SalvationElite posted a video talking about it, however, Activision’s legal team had it taken down. Here are the details thanks to reliable Call of Duty YouTuber and leaker TheGamingRevolution.

Black Ops Cold War:

  • Teams are CIA vs. Spetnaz
  • EKIA (enemy killed in action) returns
  • Play of the Game returns
  • Movement feels very similar to Black Ops 4, sliding feels about the same
  • Slide cancelling not as game breaking as MW
  • Slide jumping is a thing again
  • Technically to have 150 health, but time to kill (TTK) is somehwat faster than BO4 but significantly slower than MW
  • Very similar SBMM system from MW
  • Mini map is back to normal
  • DS (Dead Silence) is a perk again
  • Spawned in with a tactical, lethal and you had a field upgrade
  • Field Upgrade is still a thing  (Trophy system, Proximity Mine, EMP, Field Mic (affects footsteps sound in certain areas)
  • Stim Shot is back like Modern Warfare where it’s a tactical


A Miami set map

  • Large map set on thebeach of Miami/downtown Miami
  • A club/hotel/downtown Miami
  • Three lanes but very big (like bigger than Yemen or Aftermath in BO2)

A Desert map

  • Big and open. It looks a lot like the Battlefield 1 desert map
  • There are crates on the map where you could change your class or get ammo


  • A Ground War 12v12 map with three Warships that you have to travel between on zip lines (not sure if Ground War is the exact same as in MW or not)
  • No Specialists or abilities
  • Scorestreaks are back with a twist – Every kill you get there’s a multiplier for scorestreaks so it priortizes kills the longer you stay alive than playing the objective
  • A middle ground between killstreaks and scorestreaks

Scorestreaks that are confirmed

  • A UAV style streak called Spy Planes
  • A VTOL style streak
  • A Chopper Gunner style streak
  • A Cruise Missile
  • Napalm Strike (like a Lightning Strike)
  • Artillery
  • Flamethrower

Confirmed game modes:

  • HP (Hardpoint) an arrow shows where the next HP location is
  • Kill Confirmed
  • VIP – Get the VIP across the whole Ground War map to 2 of 2 extraction points (sounds like Safeguard from BO3)

Confirmed guns:

Assault Rifles – M16A2, AK5

SMG – SOIM821 (ike an UZI), MP5, AK74u

Not sure if AR or SMG – Type 63, Stoner 63, Type 15, Colt Commando

Sniper – M40

Attachments are very similar to BO4


  • Hybrid of Pick 10 and MW system
  • You get 5 attachments on all weapons
  • 3 perks per loadout like Pick 10
  • They allow you to get even more attachments like Pick 10 systems of old
  • An attachment that allows you to fill all attachment slots on a gun

Bear in mind, the info above are all from a purported multiplayer event session and has not been confirmed or verified by Activision or anyone at Treyarch or Raven Software. That said, most, if not all, align with the previous multiplayer leaks, and the fact that Activision felt the need for the source video to be taken down kinda adds veracity to it.

Don’t forget, we’ll be getting our first official gameplay look at Black Ops Cold War tomorrow! Even before that though, the release date has seemingly leaked from datamined info, and it’s set for November 13.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the trailer and info here on MP1st!

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