Rumor: New Modern Warfare Prestige System Won’t Require Players to Unlock Items, Weapons to Have 80+ Levels

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Just a few days ago, we reported that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be getting rid of the franchise’s tried-and-true Prestige system in favor of something “seasonal.” For those wondering how it’ll work, a new rumor has cropped up detailing the new Modern Warfare Prestige system.

Over on Twitter, reliable Modern Warfare leaker TheGamingRevolution has shared quite a lot of details regarding the new Modern Warfare Prestige system, though it most likely won’t be called that.  First off, Infinity Ward looks to be releasing new ranks/levels every season, with the biggest change here that players won’t need to unlock their items and weapons again after hitting the cap.

In each Season, there are 100+ challenges that players can complete, and there are extra levels that get reset to 55 at the start of each Season.

As a reward, players who complete seasonal challenges will get a ribbon to show off.

Given how the Prestige system is the “grind” that makes a lot of people pour in hours upon hours in reaching max Prestige, what will players grind for now that this gameplay loop is done for? The answer is: weapons. There are said to be over 80+ weapon levels.

Note that this is not official information, and as such, should be taken with a grain of salt. There’s a chance that Infinity Ward is doing something else, and that TheGamingRevolution’s info is either incorrect, out of date, or so on. That said, he does have a very good track record with these things, so there’s most likely a shred of legitimacy to it.

Will fans embrace this new system though? We can’t say for sure until the game’s out this October 25.

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