See Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Weapons and Gadgets In Action

With the help of Matt the Musketeer, Battlefield 4 YouTube personality Jack Frags shows you all the weapons and gadgets Battlefield 4’s upcoming Naval Strike expansion will have to offer.

The ocean-themed DLC that was recently confirmed to be arriving late March will introduce five new weapons and two new class-specific gadgets, as well as four new maps, new vehicles, and new assignments. It will also be bringing back the fan-favorite Battlefield 2142 mode, Titan, reimagined in Battlefield 4 as Carrier Assault.

A ton of info was leaked earlier in the week, revealing the new weapons and gadgets, among other things:

  • AA Mine
  • M320 3GL
  • SW40 Magnum
  • AWS Machine Gun
  • SR33B Sniper Rifle
  • AR160 Assault Rifle
  • SR-2 PDW

Now, Jack Frags has put together a quick video showing off all the new toys in action, including how the anti-air mines and M320 3GL grenade launcher work.

Check out the footage above and let us know what you think in the comments! Any favorite new weapons?


Matt the Musketeer offers commentary along with footage of the new weapons, explaining how to unlock each and giving you a little more info.

[youtube id=”aenvOrIvf4k”]

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