Should Exploiters be Punished for MW3 Devs’ Mistakes? Bowling Answers

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The infamous prestige token glitch is coming to an end with the next Modern Warfare 3 patch (1.08), but this particular glitch has raised an interesting debate between the “abusers” and MW3’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling.

Robert Bowling believes that a fix is included in “the next title update for MW3” to rectify the prestige token glitch, but with all the bans that Infinity Ward issued, this issue definitely left its mark. Some players, who admittedly abused the glitch, are arguing with Robert Bowling that since the team behind MW3 dropped the ball in terms of game design, the exploiters shouldn’t be punished for it. Bowling explained “we will fix it [prestige token glitch]. However, it’s important “we make it clear that its not okay to exploit, even while we’re fixing.” One angry player questioned Bowling on the merit of banning players for exploiting a design flaw, Bowling reiterated players are “not banned for there being a glitch, banned for abusing it.” In regard to the argument of how can the security team hand out bans for problems in the game itself, Bowling explained why it’s not his (security team’s) fault, “unless I came over to your console and got you prestige tokens that you knew you didn’t earn. Then no, I promise you, I am not.”

In case you missed it, be sure to read about the punishment the “abusers” received.

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