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Should Exploiters be Punished for MW3 Devs’ Mistakes? Bowling Answers News 23

News 23 The infamous prestige token glitch is coming to an end with the next Modern Warfare 3 patch (1.08), but this particular glitch has raised an interesting debate between the “abusers” and MW3’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling. Robert Bowling believes that a fix is included in “the next title update for MW3” to rectify the prestige token glitch, but with […]

Modern Warfare 3 Unlimited Prestige Token Glitch Gets You Banned News 249

News 249 Last week, we reported on the 5000 day ban that one player received in Modern Warfare 3. While that player must have committed a considerable offence that resulted in a permaban, bans are being handed out to the ever popular prestige token glitch. Basically, this glitch enables you to have an infinite supply of prestige tokens to use. The prestige token counter would […]