Sony and Microsoft Partnership With Cloud Gaming Is “Deepening”

It has been exactly one year since we’ve heard anything substantial on the Sony and Microsoft partnership, and while both companies remain tightlipped in terms of what will be offered, Sony has opened up on the current relationship between Microsoft.

During the earnings call (transcribed by VGC) last Tuesday, Sony’s executive vice president Toru Katsumoto spoke about the partnership, describing it to be ‘very strong”.

“Since last year we have been discussing this collaboration with Microsoft. In addition to cloud streaming games [there are] semiconductors, consumer electronics and remote solutions… in these areas we are proceeding with our discussions,” he said. “Microsoft Azure has splendid cloud technologies and they have given us [clear] explanations so far. Each side has its merits and it seems that our mutual understanding is deepening after discussions. In a mid to long-term basis, it is going to be a very strong partnership.”

With game streaming becoming a major focus for both companies, it makes sense why they would want to team up. Microsoft has a major investment with its cloud services Azure, and Sony’s strong foothold in the streaming service with PS Now is one not to be ignored. Both can learn from one another, though in truth this partnership is likely geared towards the other major cloud competitor, Amazon, and Google.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this Sony and Microsoft partnership, though we don’t expect to see much this year, or at least until next-gen consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X) launch later this year. Perhaps Sony will look into using Microsoft’s excellent Azure service for PS Now? Who knows? But we’ll be sure to keep you all posted if any new development arises.

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