Sony Patents Tech That Simulates Player Behaviour in Online Games for Early Quitters

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Hate when people rage quit or leave abruptly in online games? It seems Sony is too, as a new Sony patent has surfaced that states that the AI will somehow mimic the player behaviour of the person that quit in online games!

Here’s the description from the patent:

Multiplayer video games involve multiple players playing using either a single computer system or multiple computer systems connected together. While a first player of the multiplayer game is playing the multiplayer game, the first player’s actions are tracked and stored. When the first player quits or stops responding before the multiplayer game has completed, the first player is replaced by a computer-simulated version of the first player that selects its actions based on probabilities calculated from the tracked actions of the first player. The multiplayer game is thus able to continue without interruption or disruption, and the first player’s playstyle is preserved.

Same as other patents, it’s worth nothing that Sony filing this in no way guarantees that we’ll see it in future games (or on the PS5). That said, if indeed we did, this would be an awesome feature. Hopefully, this means that players who were robbed of a win from quitters will get that W under their column when this happens as well (presuming they win).

In other PlayStation news, Amazon UK has listed a PS5 price (which we’re not sure is accurate), along with games!