Sony Says the PS4 Message Glitch Issue That Locked Consoles Is Now Fixed

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Just this weekend, we posted a big story wherein PlayStation 4 consoles were getting soft-locked by receiving a message. While we posted what the image looks like and even a workaround, it seems Sony has fixed this PS4 message glitch without needing a firmware update!

Over on Twitter, the official Ask PlayStation UK account (via The Verge) mentioned to a user that they’ve “fixed” the issue.

While Sony says it is fixed, some people on the PS4 subreddit community are saying that it’ll need a proper firmware update to really mend it. If it’s still happening and you know about it, don’t hesitate to email us at so we can help spread the word.

In other, more positive, PlayStation news, Sony has announced that PSN username change feature is finally becoming a reality!