Star Citizen On PS4 and Xbox One – No Plans to Port The Game To Either Console, Though That May Change

In a lengthy forum post, Star Citizen creator Christopher Roberts opens up on the importance of PC gaming along with the possibilities of consoles ports happening.

For those hoping that the giant PC game would hit either the PS3 or Xbox 360, you’ll be out of luck considering that the dev team doesn’t want to dumb down the game for a “lesser platform”. Though, this doesn’t leave the PS4 and Xbox One version out of question, as they have stated that the specs for these systems are that of a mid-range PC.

“Star Citizen IS a PC game. It will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform,” he said on his forums. “We will NOT limit the input options or supported peripherals to the lowest common denominator. We will NOT pass on features and technology just because they will only run on some hardware configurations.”

As far as consoles go Star Citizen will never be on the PS3 or Xbox 360. As for the next-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, we have NO CURRENT PLANS, but my stance remains open and is consistent with the many interviews I’ve given –

This is ironically the advantage the next-gen consoles have like PS4 and Xbox One – they abstract the low-level hardware much less, so what is essentially a mid-level gaming PC of today (which are what the PS4 and Xbox One specs are) punches above its performance weight while Windows and Direct X do a nice job of handicapping the high-end PC.

This is entirely up to Sony and Microsoft as the level of openness for these platforms will matter whether or not they will even consider a port.

IF the platform holders (Sony & Microsoft) allow us to update the code and data without restrictions and odious time-consuming QC procedures, IF they allow our community to openly interact with each other across platforms then I would CONSIDER supporting them.

So far, the only company of the big two that has approached the Star Citzen Dev team is Sony, and they even went as far as to give them a dev kit to mess around with, though Christopher makes it very clear what needs to be done if Sony wants to see the game on the PS4.

But this is a big IF as it’s asking a lot. To their credit Sony seems to be the most eager to embrace indie games and the idea of openness, and they chased us down to give us some dev kits to play with but we’ve been very clear on what it would take to get Star Citizen onto PS4.

Interesting indeed. What are you’re guy’s thoughts for a next-gen console port of Star Citizen?

Thanks Gameranx.

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