Star Citizen Shoots for the Stars and Reaches For Higher Goals, New Rewards for Backers Detailed

After a successful “kick start” and some on-going fundraising, Roberts Space Industries’ epic new space sim, Star Citezen, is well on it’s way to reaching new lofty goals.

Designer Christ Roberts, creator of the notable Wing Commander series, is nearing the $3.5 million mark as development of Star Citezen continues. Upon reaching said goal, players will unlock some nifty cockpit decorations like bobble heads, dinosaurs, hula girls, photographs – all things that can be shown off to friends in-game when they visit your ship.

Your Personal Cockpit

On top these cockpit additions, for every $100,000, a new star system will be added from now until the $4 million mark. So far, the team is well on their way to system #41. Feel free to learn more about Star Citizen here.

Things seem to be shaping up well for Roberts and his team. Are you looking forward to Star Citizen?

Via, Polygon.

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