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Star Citizen’s Arena Commander Now Live, Watch the Launch Trailer News 9

News 9 The very first public build of Star Citizen‘s Arena Commander mode is available today, giving anxious fans a first taste of combat in Cloud Imperium Games’ space combat sim. Version 0.8 will give every qualified backer access to the Vanduul Swarm and Freeflight modes, as well as the the ability to fly the Aurora, 300i, and […]

Star Citizen Fundraiser Ends in Great Success, Earns Over $6 Million News 4

News 4 Fundraising for Robters Space Industries’ Star Citizen has come to a close, but not without a most triumphant ending. Becoming the most successful crowd-funded video game project to date, Star Citizen, it’s creator Chris Roberts, and the rest of the team have raised over $6 million to invest towards this epic space MMO flight simulator project. […]

Star Citizen Shoots for the Stars and Reaches For Higher Goals, New Rewards for Backers Detailed News 4

News 4 After a successful “kick start” and some on-going fundraising, Roberts Space Industries’ epic new space sim, Star Citezen, is well on it’s way to reaching new lofty goals. Designer Christ Roberts, creator of the notable Wing Commander series, is nearing the $3.5 million mark as development of Star Citezen continues. Upon reaching said goal, players will […]

[Updated] Introducing Star Citizen, an “Exciting New Space Epic From Legendary Game Designer Chris Roberts” News 3

News 3 Update Chris Rorberts’ Star Citizen Kickstarter project has reached it’s goal of raising $500,000 in funds with still 25 days left to go! Original Story From the man who brought you classic space combat simulaors like Wing Commander, Strike Commander, Wing Commander: Privateer, Starlancer and Freelancer, Game Designer Chris Roberts unveils his latest multiplayer space […]