Star Wars Battlefront II Beta End Date Extended for Two More Days

For those who’ve yet to try the (now) Star Wars Battlefront II beta, you’ll have more time to jump in as EA has announced that the Star Wars Battlefront II beta end date is now on October 11 instead of the original date of October 9!

This was announced by the official EA Star Wars Twitter earlier today.

Don’t expect any updates, though, as the Battlefornt II beta will be the same one we’ve been playing since the start, but just extended. No new Heroes, or features are expected to roll out.

For more on Star Wars Battlefront II, make sure to check out our beta impressions to see what we make of it so far. We also rolled out a video feature where we list down the ways Battlefront II is better than its 2015 predecessor already. Now for those who’ve played the beta, DICE has announced a bunch of buffs and nerfs coming to the full game.

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