Report: Star Wars Battlefront II Hidden Character Customization Options Uncovered

More Star Wars Battlefront II hidden goodies have been discovered by Reddit user uninspired_zebra. Previously, we were treated to screenshots of an “Arc Trooper”, which is part of the “Sentinel” class. Now we’ve been presented with video footage of a hidden character customization menu!

The hidden set of menus and options are showcased in the video below. It isn’t clear how uninspired_zebra accessed these options, but the footage seems legit.

Note how there are many different options for all factions. This was clearly a very comprehensive system that didn’t make it into the public build of the game.

Perhaps we’ll see these additional Battlefront II character customization options added in the future. I know a lot of players are hoping for more cosmetic choices, making for more personalized soldiers.

What do you make of these hidden customization menus? Wish they were accessible to all players? Let us know.

In other Star Wars Battlefront II news, the Reddit community is trying to get Battlefront II from 2005 nominated for a Steam Award, the game’s lag issues have been acknowledged by EA, and Battlerite‘s latest patch notes poke fun at EA’s “sense of pride and accomplishment” quote.

Source: Reddit

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