Star Wars Battlefront II Dev Explains Crosshair Color Choices, Asks for Feedback

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While I liked what I played of the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, there are a few things that need to be tweaked come release this November. One of these small but annoying things is the crosshairs, or more specifically, how thin and white they are that it sometimes gets lost amid the bright colors of the background. 

Over on the Battlefront II Subreddit, DICE developer ShadowXJ explained why the crosshair is only one color, and asks for feedback as well.

In case the embedded Reddit post isn’t showing for you, here’s what was said:

So I work on the HUD, and I would actually want to get more info from you guys on your complaints with the crosshairs.

I am aware we don’t have the color changing when you highlight over friendlies and enemies. Right now the reason for this is because we currently have color coded hit indicators, white for a weak hit, yellow for a strong hit, red for the eliminations. There was just concern about having too many different color indicators mixing with each other in the center of the screen.

But as I mentioned in a previous thread, would be really good if you can call out which specific weapons you’re having trouble reading the reticles on, are you playing PC or Console? 1080? higher? Are you losing sight of the reticle?

I know small details like reticles can get lost in the slew of discussions about big features, but I really care about this stuff. So please reply with as much specific feedback as possible, and I’ll read everything in this thread.

Hopefully, it’ll be fixed before the game’s release this November 17. For those playing the beta, DICE has already mentioned a few things that are getting buffed and nerfed based on beta feedback. Don’t forget to check out our beta impressions to see what we make of it so far.