Star Wars Battlefront 2 Events Have Changed and Here’s the Schedule

star wars battlefront 2 events

As DICE winds down Star Wars Battlefront 2 content support, that doesn’t mean the shooter will be left on one side to die. Players can still expect Star Wars Battlefront 2 events to shake up the modes and whatnot. DICE has announced some of the changes coming to how in-game events work which you can check out below.

Starting on May 11th 2020, the following events will take place ingame from 00:01 CET and expire the following day at 06:00 CET.

Mondays – Fast Spawn Event

Description: Spawn timers will be set to 1 sec long in assault modes for the duration of the event

Game Modes: Galactic Assault, Capital Supremacy, Starfighter Assault, Extraction and Strike


Wednesdays – Midweek Boost: Double XP
Description: Increased XP for faster ranking progression.

Game Modes: All modes

Fridays – Battle Point Event: Reinforcements
Description: Lower Battle Point costs for all reinforcements and increased numbers allowed at a time
Game Modes: Galactic Assault, Capital Supremacy, Extraction and Strike

Special Events:

Jan 1st and May 4th Only – Battle Point Event: Unlimited Power
Description: 90% off the Battle Point cost for everything, increased number of Reinforcements and Heroes available simultaneously, with Fast Spawn timers and Double XP in effect
Game Modes: Galactic Assault, Capital Supremacy, Extraction and Strike

​If you ever need to check out this schedule, it will be permanently housed on Answers HQ.

Hopefully, we’ll get more special events in the future.

In case you didn’t see it, DICE released the big Battle of Scarif content update two weeks ago, and this is the last content drop for the game.

Source: Reddit

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