Star Wars Battlefront II Heroes – Skills, Emotes, Poses Available in the Beta

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While we already featured the classes and their abilities in the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, it’s now the Heroes’ turn! In the Battlefront II beta, we’re given access to four Heroes: Rey, Darth Maul, Han Solo and Bobba Fett.

The Star Wars Battlefront II Heroes can be earned by earning Battle Points in a match, and once you reach their corresponding value (5,000 BP), then you can spawn in as one. Yes, no more pick ups this time! Note that there can only be one Hero on each side at any given time. It’s not known currently if this will change in the final game, but chances are it won’t, just for the simple fact that it will skew up the match balance.

Check out the Star Wars Battlefront II Heroes overview in the videos below to see their abilities, emotes and more.


Darth Maul

Han Solo

Bobba Fett

If you haven’t started the beta yet, make sure to also check out the starting loot crates you’ll get right away. Stay tuned for more Star Wars Battlefont II  info straight from the beta here on MP1st! We’l have our impressions piece, as well as take a look at the vehicles, and other available characters.