Star Wars Battlefront II Sells Over 800K in Debut at Retail, New The Last Jedi Challenges Are Up

Just a few days ago, we posted the Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi season challenges. Well, it looks like there’s a bunch of new ones up right now. Thankfully, the new one is super easy and just consists of defeating 75 enemies using any class.

Speaking of The Last Jedi, check out the season trailer right here to see Finn and Captain Phasma in action. There’s also talk of microtransactions not coming back at all to Battlefront II, which should make a ton of people very happy.

In other Battlefront II news, the game has reportedly sold 882,000 units at retail in its first two weeks of availability according to the NPD Group. This sales figure doesn’t count digital downloads and is only applicable for US sales. For reference, 2015’s Battlefront sold 1.8 million copies at retail in its launch month.

This is a massive drop off in sales, which no doubt have been affected by the negative word of mouth surrounding loot boxes and microtransactions.

Are you surprised at all in Battlefront II’s initial sales numbers or did you expect it given the negative reaction to the game and how EA tried to force in microtransactions?

Source: ResetEra

  • TheHaitianSilverback

    Still a big number in sales but it did make a significant impact. I was expecting lower. Either way its under 1 million. Hopefully EA learns its lesson and not try to milk gamers.

  • yowzagabowza

    I’m very happy that the backlash seems to be working.
    In order for it to have a wider effect, though, everyone needs to keep this up. Dont just pick it up next week when it’s on sale with the movie launch.
    There are still many games out there that abuse the gamer (like NFS:P) and many more in development. The absolute only thing they care about is money, so it’s the only leverage we have.

    If MTX are actually gone for good, Dice will have to rework a lot of the progression elements. I’m hoping this all costs EA enough that they don’t even consider this BS next game.