Star Wars Battlefront 2 Upcoming Heroes Include BB-8 & BB-9E; Community Survey Released

star wars battlefront 2 new heroes bb-8

While DICE released a big Star Wars Battlefront 2 patch earlier this week for The Rise of Skywalker content, the actual new planet and other stuff will be available just now (due to spoilers for the movie mostly).

To mark this, DICE has released a new trailer featuring not only the new content, but even a peek at the Star Wars Battlefront 2 upcoming heroes and villains in BB-8 and BB-9E! Watch these droids in action in the trailer below.

Experience thrilling Star Wars™: The Rise of Skywalker content in Star Wars™ Battlefront II today! Deploy with four new reinforcements – including the ruthless Sith trooper – on the lush planet of Ajan Kloss and don new Appearances for Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren, all inspired by the epic finale of the Skywalker saga.

Plus, get a first glimpse of what’s coming in January 2020, including sequel era Capital Supremacy and a new hero character in BB-8!

Aside from that, we also see Capital Supremacy be set in the Star Wars Sequel era as well.

Also of note, DICE has released a new Battlefront 2 Community Survey! Questions include how the new Reinforcements are (grade them from 1-10), would you recommened Battlefront 2 to a friend, what we thinkof Kylo Ren’s new appearance and more. Check out the survey link below (and yes, you can only participate once).

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Community Survey (December 2019)

While we’re counting down to 2019’s conclusion, don’t forget that DICE already announced that it will be releasing new content for Battlefront 2 in 2020! Check out some of that here.

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