Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Update 1.11 October 13 Released for Fixes (Update #2)

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In a rather surprising move, Respawn Entertainment has released the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order update 1.11 October 13 patch, and as one might expect, there’s no new content, but more to do with fixes.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Update 1.11 October 13 Patch Notes:

Respawn Entertainment has not released any patch notes just yet, but so far, we know one thing that got fixed.

Over on the subreddit, a poster announced that the flying glitch has been fixed.

Since the latest patch the flying glitch doesnt work anymore 🙁 from FallenOrder

For those wondering, here’s a video showcasing the flying glitch:

As far as we’re aware, that’s the only thing that got fixed. We’re still keeping an eye out on Respawn and will update the post if we hear anything back. If you spot any gameplay-related changes, let us know down in the comments below, and it check outs, we’ll update the post and credit you.

Update: EA has sent us the official patch notes via email.

Update 2: We’ve updated the post as the “official” notes are from a third-party. We’ve contacted EA for a reply and will update the post again if we hear back.

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