Valve Boss Gabe Newell Is a Very, Very Rich Man

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How many of you reading this game on PC? How many of you use Origin? What about Not a lot? Just the right amount? What about Steam? Yeah, I gather, almost everyone who games on a PC uses Steam.

With that said, Steam and Valve boss Gabe Newell is now part of the top 100 richest in the US! Forbes released its list of most loaded people in the US rounded to the nearest hundred million, and Newell is at the 97th spot! Forbes estimates that Newell’s worth is at $5.5 billion! 

Newell can now buy his own island, maybe build his own Avengers-like army of developers to finally work and finish Half-Life 3. Whatever he wants to do, Newell’s war chest looks to be expanding even more what with the concurrent users of the digital store now reaching over 15 million. Note that’s concurrent, which means there are more people than 15 million in the world who uses Steam.

Speaking of Steam, here’s when the next three Steam sales will be happening.

Congrats, Gabe! Throw some gold at publishers to stop them from doing microtransactions in every game, please!?

Source: Game Informer