Street Fighter 5 Season 5 Start Date Set for Feb. 22, Winter Update Showcases Dan, Rose, and New V-Shift Game Mechanic

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Street Fighter fans just got a big tastes of what’s to come for the year 2021, as Capcom wrapped up their Street Fighter 5 Winter Update news event — as Street Fighter 5 Season 5 sets its start date for February 22 — and there were tons of stuff showcased such as a nearly complete Dan Hibiki, our first look at Rose and her special moves, and the brand new game mechanic that’ll be called V-Shift that will be coming to Season 5.

If you want to catch the rebroadcast of the Winter Update, here it is via the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel.

With so much content coming up for the fifth and final season of the latest installment of the Street Fighter series, here’s the highlights of what the Winter update has presented.

  • Rose returns with brand new moves, including being able to fire her Soul Spark mid-air and an anti-air Soul attack that doesn’t see her leave the ground anymore. Her V-Skills and V-Triggers were also showcased, with V-Trigger II called Soul Satellite that is a callback to her second Ultra Move from Street Fighter 4.
  • Her Street Fighter Alpha 2 stage Marina of Fortune will be added as DLC for the game.
  • Motion capture and design artwork were shown on the creation of Rose and her move set.
  • The Capcom Pro Tour Final Season for the Capcom Cup will kick off next week this February 20-21.
  • Steve Aoki is collaborating with Dim Mak x Street Fighter for a set of new hoodies and merchandise. The Grammy nominated artist will also be releasing a new remix of Ryu’s Theme during the Capcom Cup next week.
  • A nearly complete and release ready Dan Hibiki was showcased and demonstrated, complete with his Special Moves, V-Triggers, V-Skills, and Super Art. His Battle Costume was also shown, with the Saikyo-Ryu practitioner ripped, shirtless, and wearing a Tengu Mask much like his late father Go Hibiki.
  • SFV Battle Director Ryuichi Shigeno introduced the new game mechanic called V-Shift — a defensive system that consumes V-Gauge but helps players get out of tight spots and pressure from opponents.

  • Finally, a new Street Fighter Premium Pass package is introduced — which will give players access to all Season 5 characters as well as other new DLC content such as new costumes, new stages, new character colors, titles, and more. 100,000 Fight Money will also be given with the purchase.
  • At the end of the Winter Update, Street Fighter 3 character and the third Season 5 DLC character Oro was teased.

  • Dan Hibiki and the first Season 5 update will roll out starting February 22.

Not revealed in the Winter Update event itself but in the Post- event Twitch stream discussion, Eleven (previously leaked) is a Bonus Character who is not the fifth mysterious fighter for Season 5. Instead, he/she/it can mimic fighters and essentially acts as the random select character for SF5.

Here’s the character in action.

And that’s pretty much the Winter Update for Street Fighter 5. Expect Season 5 to start with the release of Dan on February 22 — a day after the finals for the Capcom Cup.