Street Fighter 5 Update 3.02 Released, Here’s What It’s For

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While we got the big Champion Edition update for Street Fighter 5 last week, Capcom has released a new Street Fighter 5 update today. Players will see this as Street Fighter 5 update 3.02, and it’s only at 163MB.

While no official patch notes have been released, based on Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono’s tweet a few days ago, it’s to the netcode issue that’s been plaguing players for a long time.

We hope everyone is excited for the release of Seth and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition this Friday! The team is working hard and wants to let #SFV players know that we’ll be making adjustments to the game’s netcode soon. We’ll share more details later. Thanks for the support!

Players connecting will see that servers are down for maintenance, though it’s expected to run for an hour :

About the maintenance end time [12:00] → [13:00] will be corrected. I’m very sorry.

Hopefully, any netcode issues on PS4 and PC will be resolved by this patch. If there are any gameplay changes, we’ll update the post, though we’re not expecting any.

If you find any gameplay-related changes, feel free to email us or leave a  comment below, and we’ll update the post to reflect that.