Super Brief Battlefield V Hamada Gameplay Shows How Explosions Can Save You

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While a lot of gamers have had their chance to experience Battlefield V’s new features in last month’s beta, one of the “new” gameplay mechanics that were shown in the beta that didn’t get a lot of attention was how objective explosions knocked players over.

It might be more of afterthought than anything else, but this gameplay mechanic can save virtual lives! Over on Twitter, DICE Lead Multiplayer Designer for Battlefield V Valerian Noghin shares  a super short clip of him being saved by knockback experienced from an explosion!

I admit, I was a bit annoyed at these knockbacks, but seeing them doing something like this is kinda cool, no? In other Battlefield V news, don’t forget that the complete weapons list, vehicles and more have been revealed today! We also posted some of the headgear/helmet variants players can earn in-game.

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