Here Are Some of the Battlefield V Helmet Customization Options Revealed So Far

battlefield 5 helmets

It’s no secret that DICE is upping the customization game with Battlefield V. Not only are weapons more customizable than before, even character skins and helmets will be customizable as well.

For this week, DICE will be focusing on the weapons and vehicles of Battlefield V (last week’s focus was progression). But those curious about the game’s customization when it comes to helmets need not wait a lot longer. Thanks to Reddit user BFZoneFB, we now have a preliminary look at the Battlefield V helmet customization options available! Note that these are just collected images from the different gameplay reveals an screenshots, and as such, not the final total. Check out some of the confirmed helmets players will be able to choose from in Battlefield V!

Seeing as DICE hasn’t gone in-depth with Battlefield V’s customization options, we’re left in the dark in some areas. To date, it hasn’t been confirmed whether players will be able to customize their soldiers’ faces (highly unlikely) or if there’ll be presets that players can choose from. Also, how do headgear customization work? Will players be able to choose a different headgear, and then a different uniform? Lots of questions left up in the air, which DICE will most likely answer soon.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE confirmed that we might see new classes come to the game post-launch. Check out this info-filled recap by DICE where a lot of player concerns are addressed.

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