Battlefield V New Classes Might Come After Launch

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While Battlefield V will use the same four class types DICE has been using for the Battlefield franchise since Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it seems there’s a good chance fans will see more classes make its way out to the shooter.

During a Reddit Q&A, DICE Multiplayer Producer David Sirland mentioned that “new/more classes” are being considered when asked by a fan whether the studio plans to offer a more diverse system in terms of classes and Combat Roles.

Question:  I have a question regarding the evolution of Archetypes into what we now call Combat Roles.

For me, one of the most exciting thing about the Archetype system was how it was going to encourage play style variety inside a class through off-class weapon choices. One of the early examples was a Recon Archetype that could only use silenced SMGs. This idea made me very excited for the game, as I wanted more weapon and play style variety for classes without the all kit madness of BF4. A CQB role for Recon that takes them off the hills and encourages them to be in battle at the front with their team was especially exciting.

Now though, I’m really scratching my head.The Combat Roles seem either totally bland, or silly not to pick (Pathfinder, with it’s SL spawn, totally outclasses sniper in basic utility for example) and I feel like I’m just slotting in perks instead of picking an really unique role like the CQB Recon of yore versus a long range recon player. Tank hunter for example, what is the point of running a class called Tank Hunter when all you do is 3D-spot the giant loud tank, and get a requisition bonus for killing it? The Tank Hunter could have had special access to AT mines but had to use an SMG, or any one of so many more interesting options if weapon variety were in play. But now? He’s just 2 perk slots.

So the question is: why did you decide not to implement off-class weapon access for Archetypes when transitioning to what you now call Combat Roles, and is there any chance you will return to a more diverse system of sub-classes that have more weapon and play style variety?

David Sirland: Good question, Combat Roles is less limiting from a load out perspective, yes – and more about deepening the effectiveness of certain play styles.
This change and some of this rationale for launch comes from us knowing that most players pick a class based on the primary weapon class – which limits the usage of some of the previous archetypes severely.

The initial Combat roles cover the basic playstyles of the launch package, and we will expand on this over time through our live service.

We will also most likely still do more specialized classes and combat roles over time (yes, new/more classes!) – similar to that originally outlined stealth weapon hybrid referenced by you and others.

Speaking of classes, don’t forget to check out the Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon classes and their Combat Roles. For those looking for vehicle and weapons info, DICE has mentioned that those will be the topic of discussion next week.

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