Battlefield V Reddit Q&A (AMAA) Now Live, Ask Your Questions Now

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Remember when we posted yesterday that DICE was holding a Reddit Ask Almost Anything (AMAA) Q&A session regarding Battlefield V’s classes and Combat Roles? Well, the Q&A officially starts at 9 a.m. PDT (12 noon EDT), but it’s live now!

By live, I mean you can jump in and ask a question or two. There’s no guarantee that DICE will answer it though, but it won’t to ask, right? Answering the questions will be Multiplayer Producer David Sirland, Design Director Daniel Berlin, and Senior Producer Andreas Morell.

Here’s the Reddit thread where the Q&A will take place, so jump in, register or log in, and fire a few Q’s off.

Battlefield V AMAA – Classes & Combat Roles from r/BattlefieldV

If you didn’t catch it, check out the classes breakdown right now! There’s the Assault, Medic, Recon, and Support classes, with tips given for each class by DICE themselves. For more info regarding Battlefield V, go check out the info summary we posted about the Dev Talks second episode.

Same as always, stay tuned here for MP1st for a summary and noteworthy bits from the Reddit Q&A.

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