Battlefield V Info Summary From Dev Talks Episode 2: Attrition, Vehicles & More

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Just a few days ago, DICE held episode #2 of the studio’s Battlefield V Dev Talks web series that dives deep into the game. While we already reported on some key details from the episode, like how enemy visibility is being fixed, you can now read the entire summary of what was discussed!

Thanks to Reddit user JealousDevice, you can watch the TLDW version of the Dev Talks episode below.

Tweaking attrition:

  • Devs want to nudge attrition in the right direction but still want it to be fully part of the game.
  • More ammo on spawn.
  • More max ammo capacity.
  • Ammo tweaking will be weapon specific (not all weapons may be affected, some more than others).
  • Medpack on spawn.

Improving visibility:

  • Adding a haze to the background to make enemies stand out. (Example by /u/CrafterOfSwords)
  • Fixing some lighting issues (notably in Rotterdam).
  • Fine tuning lighting in specific locations.

Death experience and pacing:

  • Devs agree with the community that current death timer made the game feel too slow.
  • Devs want highs and lows moments in the game, but find that the high moments are not high enough (this is partially caused by soldier downtime). They want moments of pure chaos.
  • Tweaking “bleeding out” timer, you are not punished anymore if you decide to hang on, respawn timer will be reduced accordingly.

Audio immersion:

  • Fixed the audio bugs which contributed to make the game too silent. Audio should feel like war once again.

Time to kill and time to death:

  • Trying to find that sweet spot to cater to both players who love it or hate it.
  • From the data, players have learned to move closer to cover to avoid getting killed too easily.
  • Certain weapons stand out (more effective at most engagement distances), “won’t name specifics *cough*STG*cough*”. Those are gonna be tweaked to “bring them into the fold”.
  • Confirmed Netcode issues in regards to Time to death, “you receive more damage than you should be in one update, which is due to packet loss, netcode, delays and high rate of fire weapons”. Currently looking into fixing this.

Vehicles (Tanks):

  • Beta testers felt that the tanks were too slow/heavy and not offensive enough against infantry, but dev says the more agile/anti-infantry tanks weren’t in the open beta, as well as anti-aircraft vehicles.
  • Devs were happy with the tuning on the new turret system on the heavy tanks, but plan to make the turret turn faster on the medium and lighter tanks. Light tanks will have a “very fast” turret turning speed.
  • Devs want the tanks to be the “dragons of our game”, once they show up on the field, “everyone should relate to that”. If you see a friendly tank, you should push alongside it, if you see an enemy tank, you should cower in fear.
  • Heavier tanks are robust, hard to take down, but slow, less effective against infantry, more effective against other vehicles, and the opposite is true for lighter tanks, more agile, used to kill infantry, harass and flank.
  • Tweaked systemic damage (such as canon disabled or track disabled), they want to reward players who chip away at tanks without necessarily destroying them, but don’t want to penalize tank drivers too much, leaving them with nothing to do. Added turret damage which slows down turret turning speed, as well as engine damage, which cripples its movement.

Vehicles (Airplanes):

  • Beta feedbacks tell that the difference between the two fighter planes was too great and people didn’t like it. Devs are taking step to make them much more similar and better than they were in open beta.
  • Overall players found fighter planes not agile enough.
  • Not being able to acquire ground targets as easily as in previous titles.
  • Players most happy with the BF 109 plane, but devs say even that one wasn’t were we needed it to be.
  • Tweaked visibility for pilot and gunner, extended spotting range. “We want planes to participate in the ground combat”.
  • Dev excited about the broader spectrum of vehicle classes in BFV, says it was a bit lacking in BF1.
  • Talking about anti-aircraft tanks, such as the Flakpanzer and Valentine MK 1 AA, they have “tons of canons and tons of bullets flying through the sky”.

The next episode is said to air within two weeks, and you can be sure we’ll report about it once we know more. Don’t forget to check out the Battlefield V beta stats released by DICE to know which class was the most used and more.

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