Battlefield V Beta Stats Revealed, Assault Was the Most Used Class Followed by Recon

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While DICE has already talked a bit about the items the studio wants to change in Battlefield V based on community feedback from the beta, the studio isn’t done communicating with its player base — not by a long shot.

In a press release, the studio made an infographic outling some of the key Battlefield V beta stats that people like reading about. In addition to the usual stats, the studio even jotted down some fun ones like “number of snowmen built,” and whatnot. Check it out below.

Surprised? I’m not. Given how dead versatile the STG was in the Battlefield V beta, it’s no surprise that most players flocked to the gun in order to be effective on the battlefield. Recon coming second is not a shocker too, since, well, players love their kills, and sniping does just that.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE outlined how they’re making enemy visibility better in the final game, and that means adding “distance haze.” Other post-beta changes? DICE has also confirmed that the chat filter can be disabled, and even the reflex sight is getting changed.